The Revelation of Revelation



The Revelation of Revelation


"No longer am I required to jettison my intelligence trying to
wrap my head around the visions of the Apocalypse"
"It's way past time to leave the interpretations and opinions
of man behind and discover for yourself that the
scriptures actually speak for themselves"


The Problem

Bible believing students of eschatology are presently confronted with a multitude of end-time theories: pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation, post-tribulation, pre-millennial, post-millennial, a-millennial, futurist, historicist, full or partial preterist, hyper-literal or allegorical interpretations and the list goes on . . . With variations within each particular school of thought, we find that there are over a hundred different scenarios offered up as truth. Consequently, if you happen to align yourself with any one of the eschatological viewpoints, you will find yourself in disagreement with over ninety percent of the Christian Community. This ought not to be.

The Answer

To understand the Book of Revelation, you must FIRST have a comprehensive understanding of the Gospel AND a thorough appreciation of the prophecies concerning Judah, Israel and the Kingdom of God as proclaimed by Jesus, the Apostles and the Prophets. Your understanding of Revelation will then be based on the frame work of all that has been written before it came into being. You will then be able to analyse the various interpretations and subject the Apocalypse to the scrutiny of that which has already been revealed in plain language from the Word of God and thus become well equipped to reject that which cannot be substantiated. It’s nothing new, it is simply a scriptural understanding which has been discovered that was there all along, hidden in plain sight, right there in the Word of God and now brought to the light. Finally: something that makes perfect sense; that solves all the mysteries; and eliminates the confusion: The Revelation of Revelation.
The content of this book is highly controversial and if not handled with wisdom you may find that you subject yourself to unnecessary persecution from other Christians. Always remember, knowledge on its own puffs up, but knowledge administered in love is what truly edifies. If you have not first read Every Believer's Prophecy Guide and come to the understanding of God's Prophetic Roadmap for the Latter Days, it may be difficult to receive what is revealed in this study. For some it will be a confirmation of that which they have already inwardly perceived. For others it will be a total paradigm shift in eschatological thinking. That said, let the Holy Spirit be your guide as He leads you into the truth that sets us free. Amen.
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