Elihu Ben Ephraim


In the South Island of New Zealand there is an elusive character whose pen name is Elihu Ben Ephraim. Pastor, teacher, evangelist and a disciple of Jesus Christ, he never thought he would ever find himself writing a book on prophecy.

Elihu's primary focus in life is to proclaim Him and His Word, with an emphasis upon knowing who you are in Christ and who He is in you, leading to a life of love and power in the Holy Spirit. He has only given himself to this project because he believes God has laid it on his heart.

The Lord really wants His people well equipped to defeat the multitude of deceptions which will abound in the latter days. Many of those deceptions are already here. Consequently, found himself commissioned with the inspiration to present a chronological collation of the prophetic scriptures along with the historical events of the prophecies that have already fulfilled, thus allowing people to see for themselves where we are in the prophetic road map.

However, Elihu is unwilling to be forthcoming concerning details of himself as he is not particularly interested in becoming well known. If you ever get to meet him, he’ll welcome you with a smile, put the kettle on, and very soon you will be talking about the things of God over a cup of tea or coffee, or perhaps a ginger beer.

Elihu Ben Ephraim is a Hebrew name, but it is not Jewish. The writer has chosen this pseudonym for two reasons:

First it is because the man called Elihu in the book of Job was the only one of Job's friends who ministered to him in the Spirit. It was Elihu who prepared Job to receive his personal revelation from God which resulted in Job repenting and being blessed double for his trouble. He is thus considered by the author to be an unsung hero worthy of remembrance.

Secondly it is the writer's conviction that his family line, when traced back through history, identifies him as a descendant of the tribe of Ephraim and has therefore embraced his Hebrew heritage. Once you have read Every Believer's Prophecy Guide and have apprehended the connections he discovered between prophecy and history, you will fully understand how he has come to this conclusion.


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